About Me

Hello, hi!

Welcome to Nayla’s kitchen!

I’m a German Lebanese living in London, recently a Leiths School of Food and Wine Diploma Graduate and I love cooking. I’ve always loved cooking – since I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of my six year old self trying to whip up a batch of pancakes for my whole family on a Sunday morning – pancake batter was everywhere!  My passion for all things food (including Sunday pancakes) has continued to grow and keeps growing! Thankfully a rigorous diploma course has taught me how to clean up after myself too…


Growing up in Munich I was lucky enough to be surrounded by both European and Lebanese food. Often my summer holidays were spent visiting family across the world. I remember making strawberry jam with my German grandmother – sticky fingers spreading a thick layer of still warm jam on a freshly buttered slice of bread.  I remember picking fresh peaches, stuffing vine leaves and sipping homemade lemonade with Teta, my Lebanese grandmother. But most of all I remember family and friends, sitting round the kitchen table, chatting, laughing and passing the salt. Because that is what I love most about cooking – not just the food but rather sharing it with all the people you care about.

Here at Nayla’s Kitchen I want to share all things that I like to cook, for myself, my friends and my family . The goal is to teach you how to create things that look impressive but are actually much easier to make than you thought! Making pasta, bread, or even a three course meal are so much easier than you may think – just give it a go!

Happy cooking!

With food and love,